Dr. Richard Keech, DDS
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Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you one of the many people who would like to fix cosmetic dental imperfections that make you feel self conscious? Today we have access to a wide variety of materials that provide more options than ever for helping you achieve a perfectly beautiful smile.

Great cosmetic dentistry is an art and must be designed to address all your desires and expectations. When Dr. Richard Keech meets with you to discuss your smile goals, we’ll take all the time necessary to talk to you so that we understand your concerns.

Together we’ll consider all the factors – the current condition of your teeth, how certain changes will impact your smile, and the effect they’ll have on your overall facial appearance.

Throughout the process, Dr. Keech will take your wants and desires into account. Your timeline, budget, and lifestyle are all important factors that we consider to meet your needs perfectly. We won’t be satisfied until we know we’ve met and exceeded your expectations.

A Treatment to Fit Every Need

Your smile is one of your most prominent features and one of things people notice about you first. You want it to make the best possible first impression, and so do we. We offer a wide variety of high-quality cosmetic dental treatments at our Fayetteville dental office to fit just about every need.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Almost everyone can benefit from a professional teeth whitening treatment to boost their self-confidence and enhance their appearance. Our convenient take-home whitening trays are customized to fit your teeth perfectly, and in just a matter of weeks, you’ll be enjoying a bright, white smile again.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers have recently become very popular because they enhance your smile with a natural appearance. We place porcelain veneers on the surfaces of your teeth, so they are effective for correcting a wide variety of dental flaws. Veneers can:

  • Repair chipped or broken teeth
  • Disguise severe staining or discoloration
  • Reshape poorly proportioned teeth
  • Correct the appearance of misaligned teeth

Considering everything that veneers can do, they are a convenient treatment that usually only requires two office visits to complete.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth-colored composite filling material can be mixed to closely match the shade of your natural tooth. Since we can make a repair that’s virtually undetectable, tooth-colored fillings are perfect for filling teeth that show when you smile. The esthetic quality of composite fillings also makes them a good choice for repairing certain cosmetic dental problems like chipped or broken teeth.

Porcelain and Ceramic Crowns

Crowns are designed to strengthen and protect a tooth that’s been compromised by damage or decay. We use metal-free porcelain or ceramic crowns that are durable and restore function to the tooth. But our crowns are not only functional – they look so natural that we can also use them for cosmetic applications like concealing a discolored or poorly shaped tooth.

Please Contact Us to Arrange a Consultation

We respect that every one of our patients is unique with their own set of problems and concerns. In some cases, the types of treatment you can easily fit into your budget may be limited. That is why we’ll work closely with you and take all the time necessary to find the most appropriate, cost-effective solution that achieves the results you’re looking for.

Please contact our Fayetteville dental office, and we’ll be happy to arrange a consultation with Dr. Keech to discuss your smile makeover.