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New Year, New Technology!

If you're reading this, you've probably had many teeth cleanings in your life thus far.  For the most part, you probably know what to expect at your cleaning appointment.  Sometimes you have x-rays taken, we always pick at your teeth with those sharp metal instruments, and we always polish your teeth at some point during the appointment.  That being said, there's more than one way to clean teeth, and like so many things in this world, methods are changing and evolving with the development of new technology.  We're going to talk about a new cleaning method that is taking the dental hygiene world by storm, because you may experience it ...

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What To Do About Dry Mouth

Are you suffering from dry mouth?


Most people who have dry mouth are well aware of it.  They will tell us that they always feel the need to drink water, and even wake up in the middle of the night to do so.  If your mouth is only a little dryer than it should be, the problem may not be as obvious ...

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Get Excited for a Whiter Smile!

We are now offering in-office whitening!  Wahoo! What does this mean? It means that rather than using take home trays or other take home products and waiting a couple weeks for a whiter smile, you can achieve it in about 30 minutes in our office!  An “in-office” whitening treatment is just like it sounds. You come in for an appointment, we go through the whitening process, and send you on your way! No muss no fuss! We are currently using a product called PolaOffice+ which is part of the ...

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What is a preprocedural rinse?

A preprocedural rinse is exactly what it sounds like; a mouth rinse used before a procedure.  In 2003, the CDC described preprocedural mouth rinses as antimicrobial mouth rinses used by patients before a dental procedure. The point and purpose of this rinse is to reduce the number of microorganisms that a patient might release in the form of aerosols and splatter that can contaminate the dental health care professional or patient.  

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Which Sensitivity Toothpaste Should I Buy?

Patients often tell us that they have sensitive teeth.  This sensitivity can vary greatly.  Sometimes they don't even notice it except during their cleaning.  Sometimes they are only bothered by cold things here and there.  Other times, it effects their eating and drinking consistently.  You should never let teeth sensitivity alter your lifestyle, when it's often so easy to improve.  The first step towards relief is using a sensitivity toothpaste, and that's what we're talking about today.  Not all sensitivity pastes are created equal, especially since so many toothpastes claim to help with everything!  So, what should you look for in ...

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Does Your Toothbrush Look Like This? Your gums may be receding!

Does Your Toothbrush Look Like This?  Your gums may be receding!


As soon as I see that a patient has gum recession, the first question I ask is whether or not their toothbrush looks like this (flared out like the picture), or like this (bristles still nice and straight).  If your toothbrush bristles become frayed and flared out after a while, you are brushing too aggressively which often leads ...

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Power Toothbrush Technology

Toothbrushes have been around for a long time.  Like, a really long time.  In one form or another they’ve been around for thousands of years, being mentioned in Chinese literature as early as 600 B.C.  Thankfully they have come a long way since then.  One of the more notable recent changes is the advent of power toothbrushes.

Very early “mechanical” toothbrushes were actually patented back in the mid 1800’s, but the power brushes you and I think of didn’t come around until the 1960’s.  Then, in 1978, the first mass-produced power toothbrush came out from Oral-B.  Over the next several years many different brushes were made as the demand grew.  The ...

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