Dr. Richard Keech, DDS
A Great Dentist

I'm very fearful of the dentist. Is there any hope for me?

Millions of people are fearful about dental visits. Whatever your reason for feeling insecure about seeing the dentist, we’ll listen with compassion and respect to your concerns. We want you to know that when you’re with us, your concerns will be heard with compassion, and we will take every step necessary to make you as comfortable as possible. Don’t ever hesitate to open up to us about your feelings – our primary goal is your comfort and well-being.

Dr. Keech and our team of compassionate professionals have successfully helped many patients overcome their dental phobias. You’ll notice that our caring approach and genuine concern for your personal well-being will make all the difference when you visit us.

If you find your anxiety to be overwhelming, we offer calming nitrous oxide, which will help you feel calm and drowsy but won't put you to sleep. Since nitrous oxide passes through your system quickly, you’ll feel no effects afterwards and will be able to carry on with your normal daily activities.

We’ll do whatever’s necessary to put you at ease because the objective is to get you the help you need. Please call us for more information about our comfortable approach to dentistry.


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